I love Fridays because I can reflect on the week and plan for the future. I make list of the things I accomplished and the things I want to accomplish next week. Or, you can make it a routine to goal set on Sunday’s and reflect and plan for the upcoming week. I think doing this has really helped me to stay on track with my focus and not let my mind stray off. When you take a good look at see all the hard work and accomplishments you’ve done in a week, you’ll see how much you are actually progressing when sometimes it feels like we are stuck in quick sand. I have experienced so many times where I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything and felt huge frustrations, but then we you have visible evidence to look back on and see the progress that is being made, it brings you back to rational thinking and a strong mindset. A progress setback can be something like a huge failure or something as small as an unplanned event happening that keeps us from getting things accomplished that we had planned. For example, I am just starting to plan and film for my YouTube channel that I am hoping to launch within the month! I had a whole schedule planned out of when to shoot, where to shoot and what to shoot. The first day I had a full day of filming planned, I woke up with the flu… unable to even leave my bed. I was so disappointed and frustrated because there were so many things I had planned and set to accomplish by a deadline so that other things could be finished and successfully completed by a certain time. Now I can’t even plan when I am going to get to start these tasks because I cannot predict when I will start to feel better or let alone be able to get out of my apartment! I just have to go with the flow and stay positive that I will have the time soon enough to get things accomplished even though I feel completely stuck and like I am unable to make any progress. Instead of dwelling on it, I decided to make a list of the planning I can get done from laying in my bed so I am better prepared for when I am feeling better and ready to go. We are always making positive progress, but sometimes it’s hard for us to see it and easy for us to get discouraged. Keep a notebook and make two lists every Friday or Sunday! One for reflection and one for planning.  Make sure to keep your goals for the following week realistic and short. Not an overwhelming amount because this then leads to major discouragement thinking that you are never able to get anything done and you’ll start to cut out free time for personal things which is a NO NO! We all need to keep time for something exciting and relaxing. That’s what keeps us sane and gives our lives balance. If we deprive ourselves of leisure and relaxation, our productivity will actually decrease. We always need to keep a fresh mind regardless of the work load we have in front of us. There are times when things need to be grinded out and finished but that is NOT something to make a habit. Find a rhythm in your routine and your body and mind will follow.  I promise this will make you feel more on track with your goals and open your eyes to all the amazing things you are already doing.