Whether you’re an athlete, fitness competitor, or someone who just loves to workout, the goal for what you’re doing should ALWAYS be to obtain your best self. Your best self is not relative to anyone else. It’s about loving what’s unique about you and your body, and maximizing the amazing qualities you already own. The purpose should always be the same. Focusing on comparing yourself to other people leads to unhappiness and an unsuccessful shot at your goal. It will never get you where you want to go. For the longest time, I always wanted to be a fitness model. And when I finally signed with an agency and going to castings, the comparisons began. I was thrown into an environment that was based on comparison, so how could I not let myself be sucked in? I was always a person who was confident in my skin because I knew how hard I worked to get there. But the more I was exposed to comparisons and having other girls chosen for modeling jobs over me, I began to lose my sense of self love and appreciation. I began to think, “What’s wrong with me?” and also, “What am I missing that she has?” I began to start working out harder and dieting which lead to even more self-negativity and not only stress physically but mentally. It started to affect my relationships with my family, friends, and colleagues. Instead of walking around with a glow, I was walking around trying to stay in the dark. At some point I even changed my goals from being a fitness model to being a Victoria Secret model because I didn’t even think my athletic body was sexy.  One day I sat down and looked through my old modeling pictures and realized how good I felt in my skin back then. I was proud to be athletic and strong. Instead of trying to strive for something I don’t need to be, I needed to work to get back to my own equilibrium with my fitness and nutrition and my mentality. Attractiveness and glowing in your skin doesn’t have to do with your relation to someone else, it has to do with fine tuning the physical and emotional aspects of your life and when you having worked towards your best self, that’s when you will not only feel your best and be proud to be in your skin, but you will look your best. Beauty isn’t a comparison. If you think about it no single person is the same. We each have our own unique beauty and we are most beautiful when we are balanced. Beauty comes in so many different forms and formulas. The moment we let go of the modern definition of beauty, the more we will realize how beautiful we are and working to improve our best self is the only improvements we have to work on, no CHANGES. Eyes forward, chest up. This is about YOU, the one time you get to be selfish.