For almost 10 years I have suffered from cystic and rosacea acne.  My freshman year of college I practically lived at my dermatologists office. For a period of time I was having consistent breakouts along my jaw line as well as random outbursts of deep cysts that had to be injected with cortisone. During this time I had also started modeling and was too embarrassed to go into my agency. What model has cysts all over her face? Funny enough, I booked a commercial for a skincare line and I cried about 5 times thinking I would show up and they would drop me because of my skin, I wanted to stop modeling to save myself the embarrassment. For those of you who have read my story and for those of you who have not, you can read it on the “About Lauren” page.  To sum it up, I suffered from gastrointestinal issues beginning of my freshmen year of college.  I had severe food intolerances and would react to anything even the smallest bit processed.  Doctors labeled it “IBS” AKA they had no idea what was going on.  Throughout the last 4 years, I noticed a big change in the appearance of my skin depending on what my stomach was doing.  If I ate something that upset my stomach, I almost always woke up with a cyst or rosacea flair up the next day. For those of you who don’t know, rosacea is basically idiotic inflammation of the skin.  Scientifically, most doctors will say it differs person to person on what causes.  They put it in the same category as IBS. When I was recently diagnosed with the methylation gene AND Leaky gut and started the healing process for my gut and my hormones, that’s when my skin really started to clear up for the first time in my life. Let me tell you, I have tried every skin antibiotic known to man, spironolactone, and almost every skin care line and topical.  I have spent so much money on facials (which I do suggest one in a while for maintenance), but when really the problem lies internally.  More than 80 percent of the body’s immunity is located in the gut, so you can only imagine what happens to our body when our center of immunity is inflamed. More precisely it’s the bacteria in our gut that is determining our complexion. Good bacteria strengthens the lining of the gut. Low levels of good bacteria and higher levels of bad bacteria can increase gut permeability, enlarging the gaps between the gut cells allowing toxins to pass through into our systems. Our immune system then detects these invaders, overreacts, and causes inflammation. And acne, in case you hadn’t guessed, is an inflammatory condition. This is where healing your gut, is healing your skin. The lining of your gut is also connected to the lining in other parts of your body.  That’s why some people with severe stomach inflammation experience candida.  The lining is all connected.


Here is how I healed my gut and my complexion!


  • Twice a day I take 5 grams of glutamine. I normally take one of these doses after a workout because it also helps build lean muscle mass. I also do my second dose right before bed
  • Food allergy tests! I recently did bloodwork and found out I’m allergic to diary, mushrooms, potatoes, yeast, clams, and fennel. Anything you are intolerant or allergic to will cause an inflammatory reaction!
  • Eat anti-inflammatory foods such as salmon, flax seed, blueberries, ginger, turmeric, leafy greens, beets, and coconut!
  • Avoid too much caffeine
  • Stay cool, too much heat creates inflammation
  • Hydrate