Next up on my Body Transformation Feature Series is Angela! I think many of us can relate to her story. I know I can for sure! Sometimes when we aren’t knowledgeable about our health and proper nutrition, we think convenience and taste are the main factors in how we fuel our bodies, and that quickly adds up on the scale. Read Angela’s story below!

Angela’s Story:

I had always struggled with my weight since hitting my early teens. I loved to eat, way too much and things only got worse when I moved out of home at 19. I quickly grew used to grabbing takeaways for convenience, drinking every weekend and generally filling my body with rubbish. I quickly grew to weigh over 224 pounds. I used to try every trick in the book but not much ever worked for me; id lose a few pounds then pile it back on again. In May 2012 I started with a personal trainer because I wanted to lose some weight for my wedding. Something clicked this time and I began to lose weight; slowly, steadily and this time permanently! I lost 80lbs in a year and have managed to keep it off for over two years. I don’t follow any special diet I just eat clean with the occasional treat. I drink once in a blue moon now and I workout 5 or 6 days a week. I have a new zest for life now and will NEVER go back to the old me!